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Ophthalmology Department


List of procedures in this clinic

A.    In the Clinic

1.      Visual Acuity

2.       Examination of Structures of the eye by Slit Lamp.

3.      Intraocular pressure measurement by Tonometry

4.      Refractive errors measurement by Auto-Kerato Refractometry

5.      Procedures done under Local Anesthesia:

a.       Excision of Chalazion

b.      Excision of Pterygium

c.       Drainage of Cyst

d.      Removal of Foreign body

e.       Removal of Concretion

f.       Correction of Trichiasis

g.      Dilatation of Lacrimal punctum with/without irrigation


B.     In the Hospital

1.      Cataract surgery

2.      Refractive Surgery

3.      Strabismus surgery

4.      Glaucoma surgery

5.      Plastic and Cosmetic surgery of eyelids

6.      Laser therapy  ( Yag and Argon)

7.      Lacrimal Apparatus surgery