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List of procedures in this clinic

  • Ears, Nose, and Throat examination and treatment.
  • Snoring in adults, and mouth breathing problems in children.
  • Disturbance of smell and taste, and foul smelling breath.
  • Progressive or recent decrease in hearing levels.
  • Tonsils and throat infections.
  • Sinusitis, nose polyps, and allergy.
  • Recurrent or persistent change in voice or cough.
  • Nose bleeding management and cauterization.
  • Full Endoscopic examination of nose, throat, and vocal cords,
  • Foreign body removal in ears, nose, and throat.
  •  Wax removal from ears.
  • Microscopic examination of the eardrums.
  • Pure tone audiometry and tympanometry.
  • All ENT surgeries, in children and adults, needing local or general anesthesia (agreement with outside hospitals).