Patient Rights

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We at the American European Medical Center make every effort to ensure that our patients’ rights are honoured and protected, along with their cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual values. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best in healthcare, both in terms of treatment and patient experience. We respect your rights as a patient and want you to understand your responsibility as a partner in your care.


Patient's rights


The patient has the right to:


Dignity and respect

To be treated with dignity and respect throughout all stages of medical treatment.


Proper medical care

To proper medical care based on the highest professional standards. Proper personal relations should also be maintained.


Clinicians/ care givers identity

To know the names, professional status and experience of the staff providing care or



Second opinion

Assistance in obtaining a second opinion as to medical care, at the patient's own cost.


Compete information and informed consent

To receive complete information about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in understandable terms, that is necessary to give informed consent to the start of medical treatment and to be able to participate in decisions with regards to treatment.


To refuse treatment

To refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences of making such decision.


Pain management

To have their pain beloved, assessed and managed appropriately.


The right to access medical records

To access his/her medical records within a reasonable time.



To expect that all communications and records pertaining to care will be treated as confidential, unless authorization of the patient is provided to indicate otherwise.


Rules & regulations

To obtain from a person designated by the hospital a copy of any rules and regulations of the hospital which apply to his/her conduct as a patient.


Billing information

Upon request to receive a copy of the bill or other charge statement.